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We are looking for college brand ambassadors and we think you would be a great fit to work with our company. We would like to partner with you so you can offer your friends and classmates a unique opportunity to apply for our free trip to Europe.
www.GlobeTrotters.travel is a travel-based company that organizes free trips to dream destinations across the world.
The next trip is a free tour of 5 countries in 15 days. The travellers will create countless memories.
All travel expenses, including your flight tickets from your city, will be covered by us and our travel sponsors. We pay for airfare, train, hotels, food, sightseeing, and all activities.
If your classmates and friends have a dream of travelling around Europe, experiencing new cuisines and cities, help them join us on this amazing journey!
The opportunity includes 15 days free trip to 5 different countries across Europe with like-minded people. The countries we will be travelling to will all be in Europe and cover different terrains.
United Kingdom: London
France: Paris
Netherlands: Amsterdam
Spain: Barcelona
Iceland: Reykjavik
We will be visiting one city per country as stated above. We will stay approximately 2 or 3 days per city so that we have a relaxing and enriching trip.
We think your college friends and classmates are the perfect match for this free trip. We have an exciting opportunity for you to help people apply for this trip on our website (where they apply using your referral code) and you will earn from each application. Furthermore, if enough people use your referral code you will be chosen for a free trip for yourself.
Check out our website www.GlobeTrotters.travel and our social media feeds to see what we are all about. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to help us get people on your college campus to apply for this trip and earn from the people that you get to apply for this free trip.