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Graphic Designing Intern  

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Hello Internship Candidate
Thank you for expressing interest on the internship posted on this platform. We are looking forward to working with you on this amazing project. Our platform is unique as it is interactive by allowing members and organizers to create events so everyone can meet and share similar interests.
The key is to attract potential members from other platforms and come and join our website.
As a Graphic designer, you will work on designer our brochures and our postcard for the company. You will work on providing us with new designs OR update existing designs that will be provided to you. All our postcards are used for promotion of events and other relates activities.
Some of your responsibilities includes:
@ Design postcard and brochures related to our weekly events during your internship.
@ Edit existing design that will be submitted to you (Adobe Photoshop) for our upcoming events and activities planned by our organizers and members;
@ Edit promotional videos that will be given to you to help us promote future events through digital marketing
@ Promote your postcards to different directories to attract more customers to our Get2gethers
@ Use the postcard for your digital marketing campaign on different platform to bring in more potential customers to our weekly events located all around the East Coast of the United States
@ Keep the corporate office aware of your progress by providing updated designs or video work. online and offline.

@ Postcard Design on Illustrator, photoshop and other adobe family softwares
@ Adobe Premier Video editing is also preferable
@ Knowledge in vector graphics and hand illustrations
@ Creativity is a must

Apply with your resume so we can review your qualifications and respond immediately.