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Dear Internship Candidate
I am reaching out to you because you have expressed interest in the WebDevelopment position listed on this platform. I am eager to talk with you regarding the position and hopefully we can get to work and have you join our team. More details about the position are listed below. Please reach out to me when you get the chance.

Duties and responsibilities are as follow:
@Create a website on both front and back end similar to our competitor (www.meetup.com) with better functionality and design.
@U/I and U/X design and creative output is a must for the success of this position. We are looking for designers who are open to suggest different creative options to make the site more user friendly for all members and organizers.
@Offer option to corporate office for more interactive messaging system so members can interact in a safe and more constructive ways.
@Keep the corporate office aware of your progress by providing updated reports with tracking your design and web development features
@ We have created a sample design but one of the main first task you will be responsible for is to create a storyboard with your vision about the site. Please watch this youtube video about our sample we create so you can have a better idea of what we are looking for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5R7qnlgjX4

@Knowledge in Php, MySql, NodeJs, Java, and all other languages related to webdesign, front and back end development
@Back end knowledge is a must for most of our project (unless you know someone who can)
@SEO requirements are a must when writing codes (metatags, H1, H2, keywords, Description of content)

We have other web related projects available as well in case this project doesn't seem to peak your interest. AS we have over 30 different projects available at the company, I am sure that one will fit your interest and experience.

Please apply with your resume so we can review your qualifications and respond immediately.