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Business Administration Intern  

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London, UK, Rest of the world 

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The RedQuadrant business administration student internship programme
A structured six-month programme that aims to provide exposure and experience to a number of different areas of our consultancy business. Throughout the programme, you will gain first-hand an understanding of the operations of a consultancy firm, of the different clients that RedQuadrant work with, and of the different types of projects that we support these clients to deliver. You will build a number of key transferrable skills that are core competencies for succeeding both in business administration and in the consulting industry, and we will work with you to tailor your internship where possible to fit the experience that you are looking to gain.

Role outline

You would be joining RedQuadrant as a business administration intern at a time when we are taking on large and important contracts. The RedQuadrant internship programme is aimed first and foremost at developing a core understanding of business administration within the consultancy world. You will learn about the core processes that sit behind the face of consultancy, including but not limited to:

• event organisation
• supply and contract management
• office management
• project management