• German - Germany Sakura Voice Data Collection

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German - Germany Sakura Voice Data Collection  

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berlin, Germany 

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We are seeking participants for a large-scale German speech collection project.
Qualified participants will record short phrases on a recording application available on Android smartphones or tablets. The purpose of this project is to improve language and voice recognition technologies.

To qualify to participate, you must be a native speaker of German from Germany, be located in Germany, have an Android smartphone or tablet, and be able to record 200 short sentences in German on a free app from the Google Play Store.

Please note that iOS devices are not permitted.

Participation takes on average only 45-60 minutes, and participants will receive $18 USD for successful participation,
If you are interested in participating, please click the following link: https://go.appen.com/users/sign_up?refe … ct_id=8349