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Web Content Management Internship  

Babylon radio
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Dublin, Rest of the world 

Full time 


Babylon Radio is a multicultural site with information about living here, visiting and things to do, playing music from all around the world, running multicultural events and more. The components of our project consist on a Web Radio, a Web Site and a Multicultural Community, which are created to help people to feel included, informed and welcome through our website, radio shows and events. Our aim is to help people around the world unite through music with no barriers of borders, race, religion or politics.

Role Summary:

The web content manager is responsible for the information that appears on our website. You will work closely with project teams, editors, developers and designers to coordinate the site content and make sure it caters to the needs of the target audience. If you have excellent writing skills, are well organised and can motivate a team, this could be a great opportunity for you in this career. You will need lots of creative ideas and the ability to work to deadlines.


taking a lead role in maintenance and development of the site
meeting with editing, marketing and design teams to plan and develop site content, style and appearance
using web content management systems to analyse website usage statistics
writing reports for senior managers, clients and partnership organisations
setting permissions for site users
promoting information about the website to target customers and partners
carrying out quality assurance checks on content
reporting technical problems to IT support staff
dealing with legal issues, such as copyright and data protection.


No professional experience is required.
The ideal candidate should have (but it’s not essential): good organisational skills and the ability to meet deadlines
an understanding of legal issues; the ability to build relationships with clients and partners; good teamworking skills; an understanding of online writing issues, such as house style and content structure; an excellent grasp of English grammar, punctuation and spelling; the ability to write for a target audience; creative skills to find interesting ways to present information and to generate new ideas; attention to detail; the ability to give and receive constructive feedback on work.
If you find this opportunity suitable for you, send us your CV today.
All applications will be considered.