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The Idea

Internwise is an exciting website with the goal of connecting employers with talented and ambitious students and newly graduates. Designers, photographers, programmers or marketers: all sorts of young talents will use Internwise to find the next step on their professional growth.

In a nutshell, employers will use it to find and hire talented candidates. Candidates will find our tool ideal to meet employers and gain some work experience. Statistics by the Higher Education Statistics Agency show that employers prefer to hire someone with 6 months of experience than a newly graduate that may have an amazing academic record. Internships have become an essencial part of a growth process, and we are here to help build up that new side of the market.

The Founders

Rui Forrester Zamith
Born and raised in Porto, Portugal, he currently lives in Highgate, London. Rui specialises in online marketing, traffic generation, SEO, social media, and strategy for online startups. He has studied marketing and information systems. He’s worked in several different online businesses over the past 6 years, and consulted to many others in Portugal, Brazil and the UK.

Nuno Dhiren
Nuno is of Indian origin, was born in Mozambique, studied and worked in Portugal before he moved to the UK in 2009. He also lived in Brazil for a year. Nuno has a degree in Financial Control and holds a Masters in Business Management. In Portugal, worked as a financial controller and founded his own business. Finance, business and strategy definition are part of Nuno’s range of skillset.

The Blog

This blog is for our students and recent graduates. Our articles will provide useful career advice. Make sure to send us your comments and suggestions! Visit our blog.

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